Accurate results. Faster. At fixed cost.


S&G Land Management is built to meet the needs of today’s oil and gas producers. We offer division order, title, and leasing services at a flat rate to give you absolute certainty on costs and budgets.

We can help you reduce costs and maximize profits across the entire project lifecycle—from planning to delivering royalty payments to mineral owners.


Flat-Fee Division Services

Ensure the right revenues go to the right parties at the right time—with flat-fee, predictable pricing and shorter delivery time.


Facilitate communication, scrub away duplications, fix errors, and anything else necessary to ensure operations continue uninterrupted.


Secure leases through steadfast planning and constant teamwork. We verify titles, pinpoint ownership, and work with lessors clearly and transparently.


Reduce paperwork. Increase accuracy. Process orders painlessly. We help simplify compilation and submittal.

Data Storage and Maintenance

Store your division order and landowner information with our purpose-built solutions to make updates and bring-downs a breeze. Plus, if your royalty payments are ever audited, you’ll have all the necessary data safely stored and neatly organized.

Due Diligence

Build a top-to-bottom valuation and inventory of assets, eliminating any title problems in the process.


Flat-Fee Pricing

We offer flat-fee pricing for all of our services. You’ll know the costs upfront, and that’s what you’ll pay upon completion. No surprises.


Errors, oversights, and mistakes have become too commonly accepted in land management—leading to costly reworks and delays that hurt your business. Our approach ensures precision from the get-go.


Our pricing structure aligns our goals with yours. Combine that with a dedicated, hard-working staff and project turnaround times become dramatically shorter.


We are constantly working on new technology solutions that help eliminate errors, lower costs, and expedite turnaround times. Our software team is helping bring land management services into the digital era.


We’re not big talkers—we’re big doers. We’re about helping you achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. We take pride in getting the job done right and getting it done on-time. We like to solve problems and we crave fresh challenges. Which means we can’t wait to tackle yours.

Charles Campisano

Director of Business Operations

Charles Campisano has worked extensively in the oil and gas industry since 2011. He has led E&P and pipeline projects in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Texas, and worked on due diligence projects nationwide. Throughout his career, Charles has worked to pioneer approaches that deliver results on time and under budget.

Brian Hartline

Director of Business Development

Brian Hartline became interested in the oil and gas industry in 2008 as he witnessed it burst into southeastern Ohio. While studying the industry and attending events, he learned of the inefficiencies and outrageous pricing structures that had become commonplace. Since then, he has worked closely with energy companies and industry experts to develop S&G Land Management. Prior to founding S&G, Brian was a NFL wide receiver for seven years.

Andrew Sweat

Director of Software Development

Andrew Sweat has over eight years of oil and gas experience, with a focus on applying technology to make division order and title processes faster and more accurate. Andrew has considerable experience in lease and pipeline negotiations, division order title, and oil and gas municipal law.

Michael Timmons

Director of Title and Due Diligence

After six years in the finance industry, Michael Timmons transitioned to a career in energy land services in 2010. In a management role since 2012, he has overseen hundreds of title operations for leasing, right of way, due diligence, and division order projects that spanned dozens of states. He has worked with many diverse clients including E&P and midstream companies, law firms, and banks.


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